GPS- About Self-Directed Study Plans

All content on the GPS website has an educational purpose.

It is designed and structured in a way that can be easily learnt with specific learning objectives.

Each of the topics have been selected to deepen one’s understanding of the causes and manifestations of extreme poverty, and/or to outline key, proven solutions to extreme poverty.

At the end of most topics, the reader/learner will find a section to help him/her

  • be able to state why the topic in question has particular relevance to ending extreme poverty
  • articulate the key, salient points that further the understanding of extreme poverty and/or summarize the ways in which a particular intervention is an effective way to address extreme poverty

The self-study section is in the form of questions that refer the reader to various points on a given webpage.  The order of the questions allows the reader to structure their reasoning and therefore understand the logical connections between the various elements of information.