About Us

Since 1991, Global Poverty Solutions – a registered Canadian charity which until 2011 had operated under the name RESULT:ED Educational Fund – has been committed to educating and sharing information with Canadians about global poverty challenges and solutions. To do this, we stimulate and support a wide range of educational activities aimed at increasing understanding of poverty, its causes, its impact and solutions. We also create and share educational materials with citizens, with partners, with government, and with international agencies to deepen their understanding of the issues and strengthen our collective capacity to end poverty and needless suffering.

Global Poverty Solutions has a partner organization, Results Canada. Results Canada works to create the political will to end poverty.

Results Canada is a Canadian non-profit organization, rather than a charity, as part of its mandate is to advocate for increased international development assistance and increased focus on development solutions that have impact and benefit the poorest.

Should you wish more information on activities that go beyond education and into the field of advocacy, you could contact: http://resultscanada.ca